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Season Three !!!

Tonight's the night!

The wait is over.

Season Three is at hand.

Be sure to tune in. Even those of you who "don't have HBO." HBO is doing a big promotion this weekend, so it's free on many cable systems and satellite services right now.

I have seen episode one three times now, at various premieres, and I think it kicks ass. I hope you all agree. Season Three bids fair to be the strongest to date.

For those new to the Not A Blog, let me add my annual disclaimer. I hope you watch the show, and I hope you talk about, all the things you liked and hated... but not here. This is not the place for critiques, discussions, theories, whatever. There are dozens of other places on the internet better suited for that, so post your thoughts on Westeros, Tower of the Hand, Winter Is Coming, Television Without Pity, or any one of the myriad other sites that welcome such.

Time to buy the beer and order that pizza for the premiere.


Willy Allen
Apr. 1st, 2013 11:58 am (UTC)
iron throne beer
George absolutely love the books, people follow them like a religion down here in australia. watched s3 premier tonight along with millions of other fans but there was something missing, my iron throne beer! after a brief amount of internet research it has come to my attention that it isn't available in stores to us southern lords and ladies. for me there would be no greater satisfaction than sitting down and watching my favorite books on screen while drinking a official GoT brew! Please use your godly influences and make it happen! else i will have to settle for mulled wine(which isnt so bad anyway)


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