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Email Woes

My e-mail is down again. Happened last week for most a day, then somehow fixed itself. Now it's happening again, and does not seem inclined to get better.

I get my email through Mozilla Thunderbird. When I log onto Thunderbird, I can see that I have lots and lots of new mails, but whenever I try to open one... or scroll down, or do anything else... Thunderbird freezes and goes non-responsive. It has happened over and over again. Nor will the damn thing unfreeze unless I turn off the computer and reboot. A real pain. I've rebooted a dozen times, run half a different virus checks, and nothing. Tried booting up Thunderbird in safe mode, no help.

And of course this happens when Ty if off. Ty is my in-house computer guru. The computer always breaks down when he's away, never when he's here. And he won't be here again till Monday.

So if you've sent me an email, don't hold your breath waiting for an answer. You won't get one. Not till Monday, best guess. Unless a miracle occurs.

I hate this damn machine. And Windows. And Thunderbird.

If only I could send email with DOS. DOS never fails me.

FIXED. For now, at least. Thanks to Stephen, the Gandalf of Computer Wizards, from Oz.


Apr. 18th, 2013 01:58 am (UTC)
I'm a thunderbird user myself and have had this problem on occasion. Usually it's because I have too much email saved, so I go through and delete a bunch of it from archives.

When I say "too much," I'm referring to the 15K messages range.

I don't know that that's your problem. I wouldn't begin to presume what your email is like, but I thought I'd pass it along at least in case that was the problem. (If you can't delete them from thunderbird because it keeps crashing, you can delete them from the actual email client directly as well so long as you have imap.)


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