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I live outside DC. So I have no one to talk Jet/Giant football with. Just the whacko RG3 fans. Who think the Redskins will win the superbowl this year.

So bear with my post.

Not sure what they will do at Linebacker. They usually ignore this. Right now, they are down 2 linebackers from last year and Kiwanuka needs to move to DE (where he is better). This is a very weak group even by Giants standards. Rivers has talent but can't stay on the field. Who knows about the guy they got from the cowboys.

Secondary: Huh? This group was awful last year. Amukamarra was pretty good, but missed alot of games. What are the odds that an older player like Webster rebounds from a year where he was about the worst corner in the NFL? Can Terrell Thomas stay on the field and even play with that knee? Kenny Phillips was there best safety (in the 7 games when he was healthy) and he is gone. Antrelle Rolle is good in run support, but can't cover anyone. I am also wondering if Jayron Hosley was a bust.

The Giant defense gave up 7000 yards last year... You can't cross your fingers and just hope for sacks. You have to cover.

Pugh: Dunno. Short Arms? Who knows what that means. Can't be hard to be better than Diehl who is garbage. Reese has a good track record of hitting home runs in the first round.

DT in 2nd Round: Are they giving up on Marvin Austin? Remember when he was supposed to be a steal. He can't stay healthy. Giants did have alot of trouble with DT depth so the 3 guys in the rotation were exhausted in the 2nd half. My guess is they want more guys in the rotation.

DE in 3rd Round: Probably a project and won't get on the field this year unless there are alot of injuries.

Nassib: Hopefully he never takes the field. I think this was a 'Peyton never got hurt until he did'. If so, he will leave via Free Agency in 4 years. Not sure I like this. David Carr is a quality backup and knows the system. This year they have to carry 3 QBs. I don't think they can afford to cut far. That means 1 less roster spot.

Rest of the draft: Reese is hit and miss late in the draft. Mainly miss.

Jets: They are clearly not drafting for this year. They know they will suck. Plus they have 12m in cap space from Revis and almost 13m going to Sanchez.

1st Round CB: Revis is a generational corner. There is no 'replacement for Revis'. An all pro is not a replacement for Revis, but if he is good. Its a good pick.

1st Round DT: This is clearly a pick for down the road. There line is getting old. Dunno. Strikes me as more of a 4-3 Tackle. Your not going to get pressure as a NT. So maybe they see him as a 3-4 End? Or maybe they will go 4-3 in some situations?

Geno: If he is good. Good pick. I have no idea if he will be good. I'm ok with a 2nd round pick and giving up a 6th to hope he is good. This is a QB league and Sanchez has to go.

Rest of the Draft: I have no idea. These are just names on the page. So I hope some are good.

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