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Apr. 30th, 2013 (UTC)

Very cool!

While I wouldn't categorize you as a pure Splatterpunk author, MEATHOUSE MAN certainly fits in the vein of that particular subgenre of horror. Definitely a well written piece. Personally, as much as I love fantasy, my true love is horror. Especially well written short horror stories such as MEAT MAN.

I find it interesting that you frequently feature stories in your anthologies that you edit by Joe Lansdale who is considered one of the masters of extreme horror. NIGHT THEY MISSED THE HORROR SHOW is one of the most disturbing examples of extreme horror that I've ever read. In reading the story, you get the impression that Joe had a lot of fun writing it, as twisted as it sounds. That's a testament to Joe's skills as a writer. He wrote another story called INCIDENT ON AND OFF A MOUNTAIN ROAD that was pretty cool.

Edward Lee is another prolific author in the Splatterpunk vein. While I find him intriguing, he frequently bludgeons readers with so much sex and violence that you eventually become numb to it. THE BIGHEAD is a perfect example. Way too over the top.

Richard Christian Matheson, son of the great Richard Matheson, also is renowned in the Splatterpunk movement. His short story RED is only two pages long but definitely hits you like a punch to the stomach.

Of course the greatest writer considered part of the Splatterpunk genre would have to be Clive Barker. While some of his work could be considered extreme, his creativity and fantastic imagination could almost be considered Lovecraftian in that he created entire worlds and myths that are horrible and stunning at the same time (see THE HELLBOUND HEART (what the HELLRAISER movies were based upon) as well as WEAVEWORLD).

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