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Paperbacks Are Coming

Yes, it's true.  Your wait is over.  A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will finally be published in paperback, next month.

(Have you guys really been waiting?  Really truly?)

The paperback release has been delayed again and again, I know.  (Believe me, I've received a lot of emails about it).  This was done largely at the request of the bookstores.  The hardcover was still selling strongly (still is, actually), so they wanted the paperback delayed.

But no longer.  On October 29, Bantam Spectra will release DANCE simultaneously in trade and mass market paperback editions.


And yes, the paperback will include a preview chapter from THE WINDS OF WINTER.  (Though at this point it has been so long that I've forgotten which one it is).

October, by the way, looks to be a huge month for me.  Besides the DANCE paperbacks, I also have OLD MARS coming out that month, and the MEATHOUSE MAN graphic novel, and a little Xmas book called THE WIT AND WISDOM OF TYRION LANNISTER.  But more about that one later.


Sep. 15th, 2013 07:35 am (UTC)
Trade paperback

Yup, out in paperback in Ireland, too (though we're probably the same as the UK for publishing.

But - what is the point of trade paperbacks, as opposed to mass market?!

Hardbacks at least provide some protection to the book. Mass-market paperbacks are lighter and convenient. But trade paperbacks have all the extra size and inconvenience, and most of the weight of a hardback, and none of the extra protection afforded by a hard cover. The print is the same size in both. So it seems we get all the disadvantages of both other formats, and none of the benefits of either. Which I suppose is fine if the reader has a choice of formats and likes the larger format, but less so if - as seems common nowadays - publishers insist on only making the trade size available for several months. The upshot for me is if it's not available in hard- or mass-market size, I won't buy it in physical form - and the bookshop loses a sale.


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