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Next Up: Neil and Amanda


New Mexicans, mark down Sunday, September 29 in your calendars.

That's the date of our next big special event at the Jean Cocteau Cinema: the Neil and Amanda Show

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are coming to Santa Fe, and we've got them!


What actually goes on during the Neil and Amanda Show, you may ask?  Well, there will be music, stories, autographing, and... you'll need to come and find out.

That's Sunday, September 29, starting at 7:00 pm.  Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW.

Admission will be $75, except for the nine (9) seats in our front row, which will go for $100.

This is a charity event, and one hundred per cent of the box office will be split between two worthy causes: Warehouse 21 and its youth programs , and the Food Depot, which helps feed hungry New Mexicans   So help us raise some much-needed funds for these great causes, and spend a Sunday evening with Neil and Amanda.

(Yes, they will gladly sign your books and CDs, and we'll have lots of both for sale on site).

We expect another sellout for this one, so if you'd like to attend, get your seats early.  You can get a ticket via the Jean Cocteau website, or by calling us at 505-466-5528.  (Have your credit card ready).  No more than four (4) tickets per customer, please.

Remember, the Cocteau only seats 120.

See you at the show.

UPDATE:  We've sold seventy tickets since I posted this, just a few hours ago.  If you want one, buy now.

SECOND UPDATE: I left the theatre a couple of hours ago.  At that time we had sold one hundred twelve tickets.  Leaving... uh... eight.  We can squeeze in a few temp seats as well, maybe... but I expect by now the regular seating is all sold out.  I need a bigger theatre.


Michael Belis
Sep. 15th, 2013 10:17 pm (UTC)
happy happy joy joy
I ordered my ticket and it on a day off from work oh I can not wait. Heading out to Austin City limits the next day and then get back home in time for Dave Eggers' new book.. It like Christmas .. Christmas I say or what every happy time of the year brings you the most joy.

(IMO it is a rather old school in need of update ticketing system it took me switching browsers and several tries to get it to take my money)


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