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Breaking Bad

Amazing series.  Amazing episode last night.  Talk about a gut punch.

Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros.

(I need to do something about that).

This is the final season of BREAKING BAD.  I think GAME OF THRONES may have a shot at upsetting BB for this year's Emmy (only a shot, though, I think they are the clear favorite), which pits us against their previous season...  but there's no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat BREAKING BAD next year, when their last season is the one in contention.

Admittedly, trying to handicap the Emmys is a mug's game.  You never know.  But for what it's worth, I think this year is our best chance of actually winning one.  Given the splash the Red Wedding made, our profile is likely as high as it is ever going to be.  We had a great season.  If the Academy is ever going to give their ultimate accolade to a fantasy show (something that is by no means certain), it's going to be this year, I think.

But we'll see.  BREAKING BAD, MAD MEN, DOWNTON ABBEY, HOMELAND, and HOUSE OF CARDS will have something to say about that as well.  All good shows, I think.  A couple are great shows.  HOMELAND is the defending champ, MAD MEN's won four, and HOUSE OF CARDS has that whole "gamechanger" thing going for it.  Should be an interesting race.  We'll all know on September 22.


William Moffett Jr.
Sep. 19th, 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
Monster Mash
Must admit, I have barely opened up the books, or seen even an episode of the Game of Thrones show (though I update myself occasionally on what the show's about via the A.V. Club). It's next up on the ol' art-seeking list, but my brain can barely contain the universe of Breaking Bad, so it may be a while.

As a devout fan of Gilligan's show, I don't really think anyone...even William Shakespeare himself, can craft a fully realized monster as complex as Walter White...and he isn't even the most evil figure in the show (Uncle Jack really isn't three-dimensional though, and Todd is also more of a satanic-sponge than an active agent of malice). Though, let's just do the thing Seitz mentioned recently, and Whitewash accountability...blame it on the money!


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