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Sunday, Bloody Sunday

My NY Giants got skunked, and so did GAME OF THRONES.  Thank ghod for the Jets.


Kate Turner
Sep. 23rd, 2013 09:58 pm (UTC)
Emmys, Crapshoot, Building Support
The Emmys are a total crapshoot, and we both know in the long term the awards don't mean as much. Look how long it took Breaking Bad to finally win, The Sopranos too. Once they have a show they like early on, the industry voters, it usually takes a really long time to garner enough support to beat it (case in point: Mad Men for four years, and now Modern Family in comedy for four years).

Game of Thrones is continuing to raise its profile. You will reach the pinnacle soon...and it won't necessarily be for the best season, as the Emmys have shown time and time again. Be happy that Thrones broke back into the writing category and that two actors have now been nominated. Hopefully, that support will grow after the next season, which should be immensely satisfying for viewers, especially as David and Dan find it easier to balance all the storylines and play around with episode structure.

Two things about the Emmys:
1. It's all about the tapes, six episodes for drama series then distributed in random pairs to voters. They need to be accessible and easy to follow--and for people who don't watch Thrones regularly, it's hard if episodes aren't as character focused and are more plot centric in jumping locales.

2. Strategy. This cannot be overstated. HBO needs to submit fewer episodes to directing; if only "Rains" was submitted, you would've had a nomination and possibly a win. Fincher did nothing spectacular in the House of Cards pilot and won for his name. Next year will be even more competitive up against the final season of Breaking Bad; one submission will get a nomination, make it easy for voters. Also, Emilia Clarke's episode submission was "And Now His Watch Has Ended," and she doesn't appear until 45 minutes into the tape in a 10 minute scene. Although that's a powerful moment, how can that compete with Anna Gunn's more character-driven episode which focuses on her devolving relationship with Walt for the most of the runtime?

We are all really excited for the next Game of Thrones season, especially to see which episode you will write. "Blackwater" was phenomenal television and there were so many moments this year. Fantasy material needs time to reach an undeniable level....you guys will get there with Emmy, but right now keep making great television and the awards will come.


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