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TREND on the Cocteau

New Mexico's TREND magazine has a nice feature on the reborn Jean Cocteau Cinema in this month's issue.

You can check out the article (and some cool pictures) on line at http://issuu.com/trendmagazineglobal/docs/trend_v14-2_web/46

TREND is an architecture and style magazine, so understandably they gave a lot of ink to the architect who designed the original interior when the Collective Fantasy was reborn as the Cocteau in 1984.  That was well deserved.  I do wish, however, that they had also mentioned Jayne Franck, who did the redesign of our cafe area, including a wonderful reimagining of the concessions area with our stunning glass brick candy counter.  Jayne is off studying in Cambridge England just now, but she deserves a hand of applause so loud it could be heard even across oceans.

Still, a nice piece... it's great to know the theatre is still so beloved by the Santa Fe community.

This week, by the way, we are helping to host the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (along with the Lensic, the CCA, and the Screen), one of Santa Fe's two major film fests.  A great lineup of movies is on offer.  If you're around, come, support the festival, see some movies.

In between the festival entries, we're also running two great fun fantasy/ horror films, one old and one very new: a newly restored and director approved print of the British classic THE WICKER MAN (with Edward Woodward, not Nicholas Cage, thank you), and the movie that the Mouse does not want you to see, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW.

Here's a taste:

See you at the movies!


Tracy Semonik
Oct. 20th, 2013 01:08 am (UTC)
the popcorn
OK, after reading the article, for me, one huge question abounds: what was it about the popcorn that was gourmet that you intend to recreate? I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on the subject, but I am a huge fan of movie theater popcorn, to the point I'm sure many affliction-sufferers are, where I will enter a theater just for the popcorn and take it home where I watch whatever I please. I'm a fan of the fluffy, unsalted white type with just the right amount of added salt and butter flavoured "goo", as opposed to the dry, deflated yellow salty variety you can buy at Kmart or Target while mom shops. My dad doesn't like any popcorn that isn't sweet, so I've dabbled in flavoring air-popped types at home, varieties like butter pecan and spicy thai peanut. I've recently received a tasty-sounding marshmallow popcorn recipe that I will undoubtedly try next. I've never been able to recreate the pink "candy corn" beloved by my father in his childhood, however. I'd love to hear more about this gourmet popcorn that you intend to bring back!


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