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New Mexico Film Foundation

Making movies is an art, a science, a business... but most of all it's a challenge, especially for young film makers, independents, minority members, and all those who find themselves outside Hollywood and the studio system.

The New Mexico Film Foundation is a brand-new non-profit organization whose goal it will be to help New Mexico film makers with a mutual support, education, networking... and grants.  It's headed by Dirk Norris, a former member of the state Film Commission, and a long time member of the local and state film community.

RIght now Dirk is trying to raise some start-up funds with an Indiegogo campaign.  You can find the details here:

Go check it out, and if you have a few bucks, give.  Robert A. Heinlein once said he could not possibly pay back all those who helped him when he was starting out, so he believed in paying forward, and helping those who came after him.  That's what the New Mexico Film Foundation is all about.

It's a good cause, and we may get some good films out of it.



Feb. 3rd, 2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
Funnily enough, I have a friend who is working on raising funds for her film and she's based in New Mexico. She is using GoFundMe to get the support she needs to make a teaser that she plans to use to help with getting the capital to produce the full length project. And it's working pretty nicely.

With that GoFundMe site, you don't need to reach a goal - people can just donate to your cause (whatever it is) and you get the support whether you reach your target or not. It's something worth checking out, especially for a situation like this (and yeah, I know people always "put up" the remainder to reach the target amount, but with this, there's no pretense).

Meanwhile, New Mexico certainly is becoming a hub of filmmaking!


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