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HBO has renewed GAME OF THRONES for a fifth season.  Great news.  But hardly surprising.  I mean, it wasn't official, but everyone and his brother pretty well knew that we would get a fast renewal for season five.

But HBO has also renewed GAME OF THRONES for a sixth season, and that one is surprising.  I don't think even David and Dan suspected that was coming.  I certainly did not.  HBO never orders more than one season at a time, not in recent memory.  So this is pretty unprecedented.  And pretty great.

The renewal comes on the heels of record ratings for the premiere episode of season four.  "Two Swords" translated to more than six million viewers.  (Just imagine if we'd had three or four or five swords!!).  The episode netted the highest rating of any HBO show since the finale of THE SOPRANOS, which is pretty amazing, considering all the great television that HBO has aired in the intervening years.

The reviews have been pretty extraordinary as well.  Especially this one:,0,3119045.story#axzz2yJSBkpOY

So... what can one say?  It has been a pretty extraordinary week.

My congratulations to David Benioff, Dan Weiss, our incredible directors, our amazing crew, and the best cast in television.


Apr. 9th, 2014 08:39 am (UTC)
Fantastic news. Game of Thrones really is the best TV show ever made. There's no denying it. The fact it has welcomed newcomers to the delights of the fantasy genre is what I also find to be so unusual. I have many friends that would never have gone near the fantasy genre, even myself once upon a time, but now we all share the love of Game of Thrones. It is set in the realms of fantasy, but it's themes and motifs are universal and that is why it is speaking to people.

Well done to everyone involved :)


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