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this, that, and the other thing

I meant to write an account of my recent trip to Boskone and New York, really I did, but somehow I haven't found the time. Sigh. Sorry about that. Now you know why I call this "Not a Blog." I will never understand how some folks find the time and energy to update their blogs daily. For what it's worth, I was never very good at keeping a journal either.

With no more travel on my immediate horizons (there's Marcon in Ohio over Memorial Day, and then nothing until the summer), I have finally been able to settle down and get back into A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. That's where most of my time and energy has gone of late. For the last week or so I have been back at the Wall with Jon Snow and the men of the Night's Watch. Jon, I think, will be one of the main beneficiaries of my splitting A FEAST FOR CROWS in two. I will have more room to deal with Jon and Stannis and the wildlings and the rest, which will allow me to flesh out their storylines more and bring them to a better resolution... but it's more than that. Although I had "completed" something on the order of five Jon chapters before deciding to divide the book, I was never really happy with them, and rereading them now has reinforced my feelings. They need to be much stronger, and I believe I see how to do that now. Sometimes putting things on the back burner can work wonders. That where the muse lives (or the moose, as Parris sometimes calls her).

Oh, and I've also come up with a new title for the seventh (and final, I hope, I hope, I hope) volume of the series -- A DREAM OF SPRING. I like the sound of that a lot better than A TIME FOR WOLVES, which has been my working title for book seven up to now, and I also think it gives a better sense of the book that I want to write. So -- A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, then THE WINDS OF WINTER, then A DREAM OF SPRING. Shouldn't take me long (hah).

Other than that, well... I'm glad THE SOPRANOS is back, I haven't made up my mind about BIG LOVE yet, and I miss ROME and wish the second season was starting next month. Saw V FOR VENDETTA last night with Parris and Melinda and Carl, and enjoyed it. Parris is still packing up our stuff so that our home renovations can begin. It has taken much longer than anticipated. We have WAY too much stuff. Comes of being packrats and living in the same house since 1983, I suppose.


Aug. 29th, 2006 06:15 am (UTC)
So...I've just happened upon this blog, which is why I'm replying to a very old entry (that and it does not have comments numbering in the hundreds like the more recent ones). It's late, I'm tired, and so I'll just say a few things. Mr. Martin, you rock. Simple as that. I discovered Ice & Fire just this summer (yes, I know, how did I NOT discover it earlier?) and was blown away. I never put those books down. If every page was laminated I probably would have taken the books into the shower. I do hope that came off as a compliment and not just someone who is being rather creepy...

Anyway. Awesome. Your characters are so amazingly three dimensional and deep that they feel more real then some of the people I know. I could rave about each of them but I wont just yet. I just want to say that you get the award for most unexpected favorite character with Jaime Lannister. Usually I will lock onto a character from the very begining and stick with them for the entire thing. But no, I hated Jaime in the first couple of books...and now he's my favorite character, hands down. I totally didn't see that one coming. Don't know exactly how honored you'll feel seeing as I just made up this award...but congradulations anyway!

And in response to Anonymous...I found myself skimming through some of the secondary character chapters, then hit myself and went back and read them fully because damn it, I KNOW you must have a good reason for putting them there and so I put my suspense and the ADD child in me on the backburner and read them. And was not disappointed.

Anyway, will be sure to read everything else you've cooked up.

Ta ta!


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