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Haven't checked your not a blog for a few days so I was surprised by the flurry of activity regarding "Dance of Dragons". Having been a bookstore manager for 17 years I have seen many series rise and wane, but when it comes to fantasy "A Song of Ice & Fire" is the best out there.

Do I get frustrated sometimes waiting for "Dance of Dragons" to come out, sure I do. But I will always have the memory of finding "Game of Thrones" in 1996 while I was shelving in the Sci-Fi/Fantasty section. I started to read it at lunch and cursed out loud when my lunch was over, as I didn't want to put it down. Thus began a couple of days of torrid reading that ended with one of the greatest scenes in Fantasy writing ever with the birth through fire of the dragons. Since then I ask all of my fantasy readers if they have read your series and have had the pleasure of recommending "Game of Thrones" hundreds of times and almost every time I do they are back in a few days later to pick up the rest of the series and then when they have finished the series, so far, to pester me with questions on when does your next book come out. So "Game of Thrones" and the experiences I have had around recommending it our some of the best I have had in my long career as a bookseller.

Like you I love the NFL, although I am a Seahawk fan, they were robbed in 2005, not one penalty on the Steelers, come on! Those conventions that you go to sound like a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed reading the last two "Wild Card" books, in fact I just finished the second one last week.

So enjoy your life and rest assured that I will await "Dance of Dragons" with bated breath and sure there will be times when I have to exhale in frustration and say "Can you finish the damn thing already", but I am pretty sure that like me most of your fans understand that you are doing the best you can and you want to write a great book. I would expect nothing less from the man who gave me "Game of Thrones" and the most remarkable fantasy series "A Song of Ice & Fire". Hang in there and know that as long as I am a bookseller your series will be at the top of my recomenndation list and that I support you having a life, so enjoy it.


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