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I'm one of those who on some level would like you to cut out other activities to focus on Ice & Fire more, but I'm amazed that people are actually trying to press you to do that. I've joked about it with friends for years. A long time ago, one of them send you a tongue-in-cheek e-mail about sending someone over to chain you to your desk, and you replied in kind, with a pithy one-liner. The irony of "wasting" your time with lighthearted e-mail wasn't lost on us.

Not only is it incredibly selfish to insist that you drop the rest of your life to focus on Ice & Fire, but also if it were possible to force you to, I have no doubt that it would wreck the series.

To detractors: One of the great strengths of GRRM's writing is in the well-rounded characters. I find it hard to believe that any fan wouldn't recognize that it takes a well-rounded guy to write them. [Gratuitous weight joke should go here, but it's deferred till I mention pizza later.] Putting such constraints on GRRM's personal and professional life would make decent progress on the series impossible, not speed it up.

And to GRRM: By following Ricky's advice to please yourself, you eventually please us all, even those of us who don't seem to realize the importance of having a life that has more than one dimension. So, speaking purely selfishly, thank you for watching football and spending time with your wife and seeking great pizza and editing Vance tributes and travelling and everything else you need/want to do to ensure that you're intellectually healthy and productive. (As for physical health, I do expect you to continue to be reasonable about the pizza. ;)

Sorry to end this here, but I've got lots of stuff to do. Doesn't everybody?

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