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The esteem in which we hold your work has no limit. As creatives, we suffer the same type of ignorance and idiocy - and the Middle East perhaps has more of them than most places. Pay no heed to their cries for they will all heel when DWD is out...and then start crying again. There is no point whatsoever even bothering with them and we completely agree with you that there should only be one update once it is done; then it becomes the publisher's problem ;)

As fans, we want to tell you how much we love your work and that there is a massive following for Ice & Fire in the Arabian Gulf. As artists, we would love to do something (anything) for you in tribute to the Ice & Fire saga. If there is any particular element of the story that you would be interested in developing the imagery for, please let us know and we would be honoured to work on it for you. You can get a feel for the type of work that we do in the scene & character galleries on our website: www.muharraqi-studios.com

Once again, our humble thanks for the worlds you have opened up for us and I hope that our offer was not an imposition. We had no other way of reaching out to you and the reactions of the flamebaiters was something that raised our hackles and we just wanted to weigh in with our support.

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