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I am sorry, but sometimes your predicament makes me smile a little, as it seems that you are occasionally living the life of at least one of your characters. I always imagine Cersei sitting in the dark, a glass of some sort of fortified wine from the Arbor in hand, and saying "bloody fracking hell....what the frack went wrong?" Here you are, famous, relatively wealthy, soon to be an author with his own TV show, and you are drowning in support. Some people happy, some people sad, some people "frothy dickholes" (plagiarism....I know). All you want to do is write the next book. but all around there are things begging to be done. Models, calendars, and most especially other books. I am sure Cersei had a plan for what her queenship would be like, and every day she gets run down trying to tie down a million loose ends, and never makes any progress that she intended in the morning.
So even though I just added to the flood of comments, perhaps you should take heart in the fact that even with the frothy dickholes in your inbox, your life could be a hell of a lot worse. Sure Dance with Dragons isn't coming out as fast as you want, but you haven't been shlepping any relatives, you haven't killed any family members, you don't (I hope) have what I assume to be some sort of souped up Frankenstein zombie in your basement, being brought back to life by a corrupt priest, and you aren't about to get fracked by a bunch of Viking wannabees with some sort of demon magic horn.
So cheer up, enjoy a coup of coffee, and take in the view from your house. But watch out for your midget brother, methinks he plans you ill...

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