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As Arya and Sansa Stark...

... we have Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, respectively.

These were the toughest ones to find clues for, since neither one can be found on IMDB, YouTube, Google, or any of the other places I searched. When you google Maisie's name, however, you get a bunch of hits for Maizie Williams, a singer for an old pop group called Boney M. But of course THAT Maizie Williams was not our Arya, hence the clue that one player was NOT a boney pop singer.

Here's our Arya:

Sophie Turner was just as hard to find. No, she's not the middle-aged actress who played in the DR. WHO episode. She's not any of the other Sophie Turners that google will turn up, either. I thought about trying to cobble together some kind of "not Sophie Tucker" clue, but finally gave it up as a bad idea, and in the end I never did drop a hint for Sophie.

Here's Sansa:

(That's not the best picture, I know. Sorry, didn't have a lot to choose from. I am sure better pictures of both Maisie and Sophie will be forthcoming).

You guys cannot possibly know how hard these roles were to cast. I've viewed dozens of readings for both girls. Sweet kids, some with great looks, all of them bright and eager and enthusiastic... but good child actors are rare. Maisie brought Arya alive in a way that none of the other kids could match, right from the first. Sophie read two scenes; the scene with Arya on the kingsroad, and a much later one when Joff is forcing her to look at the heads on the walls. Two very different sides of the character. She knocked 'em both out of the park.

I think you're going to love these girls. I know I do.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 08:36 am (UTC)
The scene you mention of Sansa viewing the heads on the wall has always been the most specific in my mind when I read it. I see Sansa and Joff in focus with the back of the head blurry in the forground, just to the edge of the shot. I think it's all the more horrible if we never get to see the head clearly.

As for the actresses, I look forward to some better pics. I always suspected that a TV Arya would be more attractive than the book Arya, who I picture as somewhat horse-faced. I'm not surprised that I was right. I think there's a law about putting unattractive people on TV. I can only imagine what Brianne will look like.
Aug. 22nd, 2009 10:34 pm (UTC)
I *fear* how attractive they will try to make Brianne. :S

Who and what she is should be enough to endear her to the people who would love that character. Making her pretty could only be a cheap attempt to get people who wouldn't otherwise like her to at least warm to the idea of her.

My fingers are crossed for a realistic depiction, but my hopes aren't terribly high.
Aug. 23rd, 2009 05:49 am (UTC)
I agree. It would change who Brianne is to make her too attractive. There's ugly, then there's TV ugly, which isn't very ugly.


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