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As Arya and Sansa Stark...

... we have Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, respectively.

These were the toughest ones to find clues for, since neither one can be found on IMDB, YouTube, Google, or any of the other places I searched. When you google Maisie's name, however, you get a bunch of hits for Maizie Williams, a singer for an old pop group called Boney M. But of course THAT Maizie Williams was not our Arya, hence the clue that one player was NOT a boney pop singer.

Here's our Arya:

Sophie Turner was just as hard to find. No, she's not the middle-aged actress who played in the DR. WHO episode. She's not any of the other Sophie Turners that google will turn up, either. I thought about trying to cobble together some kind of "not Sophie Tucker" clue, but finally gave it up as a bad idea, and in the end I never did drop a hint for Sophie.

Here's Sansa:

(That's not the best picture, I know. Sorry, didn't have a lot to choose from. I am sure better pictures of both Maisie and Sophie will be forthcoming).

You guys cannot possibly know how hard these roles were to cast. I've viewed dozens of readings for both girls. Sweet kids, some with great looks, all of them bright and eager and enthusiastic... but good child actors are rare. Maisie brought Arya alive in a way that none of the other kids could match, right from the first. Sophie read two scenes; the scene with Arya on the kingsroad, and a much later one when Joff is forcing her to look at the heads on the walls. Two very different sides of the character. She knocked 'em both out of the park.

I think you're going to love these girls. I know I do.


Oct. 9th, 2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
Dang tried to get an audition couldnt get one
COngrats to Maisie!
We are realy envious but seriously we wish you the very very best!!!
Have a great time on set!!! Its an awesome role...
My daughter Margot Berner tried to get an audition for Arya but we just didnt have the right connections! Sucks living in Canada sometimes...

George - If you ever need a kid actor again please contact us - Our whole family loves your work and think you are brilliant - !
Next time we dont want to miss the boat!
Margot would love to audition for you another day!
She was probably too old for the role (at 12 she plays 9 - 10 cause shes small) I know you were looking for a younger actress.

( Covering the bases in case anything will come of this...)

Margot is an actress best known role -she was the creepy kid that ate her mother in Supernatural episode "The Kids Are Alright"
She has a sword fighting link on you tube... just type in Margot Berner.

Seriously to Misie to get this role you must be an amazing actor - great job - have a wonderful time on set - and stay away from crafty until the end of the day... (Margot's warning - she made herself sick one day on set eating too much garbage at crafty)


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