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Coming in March

WARRIORS, the huge new all-original crossgenre anthology I edited with Gardner Dozois, will be published by Tor in hardcover next March.

We've got an all-star lineup of bestsellers and award winners from half a dozen different genres for this one. And here's a first look at the cover:

The table of contents looks like this:

Stories from the Spinner Rack," by George R.R. Martin
"The King of Norway," by Cecilia Holland
"Forever Bound," by Joe Haldeman
"The Triumph," by Robin Hobb
"Clean Slate," by Lawrence Block
"And Ministers of Grace," by Tad Williams
"Soldierin'," by Joe Lansdale
"Dirae," by Peter S. Beagle
"The Eagle and the Rabbit," by Steven Saylor
"Seven Years from Home," by Naomi Novik
"The Custom of the Army," by Diana Gabaldon
"The Pit," by James Rollins
"Out of the Dark," by David Weber
"The Girls from Avenger," by Carrie Vaughn
"Ancient Ways," by S.M. Stirling
"Ninieslando" by Howard Waldrop
"Recidivist" by Gardner Dozois
"My Name is Legion," by David Morrell
"Defenders of the Frontier," by Robert Silverberg
"The Scroll," by David Ball
"The Mystery Knight," by George R.R. Martin

And yes, that last one is the new Dunk & Egg novella, the longest one to date.

Several of the other writers also contributed tales from their on-going series: a Lord John story by Diana Gabaldon, an Emberverse yarn from Steve Stirling, a Soljerboy tale from Joe Haldeman. But we also have vikings, doughboys, legionaires and legionaries, fly girls, buffalo soldiers, and a dozen other different sorts of warriors.

Gardner and I are very high on this one. Hope you will be too.


Sep. 18th, 2009 06:26 pm (UTC)
Can you tell us whether the David Weber story is a standalone, or part of one of his established settings? I'd love to see a new story set in his "Norfressa" fantasy milieu (or any indication that he's ever going to write more about that world, for that matter), but I'd be just about as delighted with something in the Honorverse or Safehold. Weber is the other author I have to keep reminding myself is Not My B-tch -- prolifically productive as he is, he also has a nasty habit of ending series novels on cliffhangers (the recent Storm from the Shadows being the worst one yet), so that the next book can never come soon enough -- and then he takes breaks from the series (plural!) on which I'm already hooked to start new ones that are just as engaging!

At this point he's got me waiting, as patiently as I can manage (i.e. "not very"), for Torch of Freedom and Mission of Honor in the Honorverse (which has evolved into three series taking place more or less in parallel, braided together into one vast, sprawling story), and as soon as I finish By Heresies Distressed, I'll be waiting equally "patiently" for the next Safehold book, A Mighty Fortress. Not to mention the increasingly faint hope that someday he'll write more about Bahzell Bahnakson. So if you were to tell me that "Out of the Dark" is a Bahzell story, I'd be almost as happy as I would be to hear that you've finished ADWD and sent it off to the publisher; and if it isn't, I'd still love to know with which, if any, of Weber's worlds it is affiliated....


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