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Odds and Ends

Time is flying by again, and I am starting to get stressed out, as always before travel. I'm home this weekend, but the weekend following I am off to Fargo for Valleycon. Get back on Monday, have a few days at home, and then I am off again for my big trip across the pond to visit the shoot, do those signings in Ireland, and then down to Morocco for more of the pilot. And so much to do before I leave...

Travel has gotten so bloody complicated these days. Even with a good travel agent, the airlines make things as difficult as possible with all these fares, rules, schedules, etc.

On other fronts, the Jets have picked up Braylon Edwards from the Browns. Not sure how I feel about that. Supposedly he's a "big time receiver," whatever that is, but he leads the leagues in drops. I like my big time receivers to catch the ball. Also, he punched out that little guy at a nightclub, and could very well be facing a suspension. Besides, I liked Chansi Stuckey, thought he had a lot of promise. Well, we'll see.

Another part cast on the pilot. Our prologue trio is now complete.

Anybody who wants to buy a book from my website, this is the time to do it. I'll be taking orders through next Thursday, then closing things down until Thanksgiving.

Back to work.
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