George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Back to Pizza

Our annual winter trip to Boskone and New York City is coming steadily closer, and with it the soon-to-be-infamous pizza crawl in New Haven. Time to get organized.

My last post about this (two down, under the HBO news) drew a lot of comments. Others responded by private email. Sounds as though lots of folks want to be a part of our crawl, and try the famous slices of New Haven.

How many, though? I'm not sure. Some of those responding were interested but indefinite. Others said, "I'm in," but they were posting anonymously, so I have no idea WHO is "in." Others used their Live Journal handles and avatars... which is better than Anonymous, but in many cases I still don't know who you are. Please, guys and gals, use your names, at least for this. Otherwise we may end up with twenty people standing outside of Pepe's waiting for Billy the Mountain, none of them realizing that Billy the Mountain is really that quiet guy called Fred who turned up twenty minutes ago.

We do need to get a better notion of whether there are going to be ten of us, twenty, fifty, or a hundred (too many, I fear, and we may have logistical problems).

We could also use a volunteer on location in New Haven to help coordinate all this, someone to double check that all the pizza places are open, make reservations where reservations are accepted, and generally get our ducks in a row.

So let's make it official now. Who's in? Not maybe, or I'd love to, or I'd-be-in-except-I-live-in-Istanbul, but definitely going-to-be-there-on-February-20 in. And is there anyone there local who can take charge of organizing some of this?

I'll start. Parris and I are in. That's 2.

Oh, and please... only pizza crawl comments on this thread. If you want to talk about the HBO deal, go down to my previous post and comment there. I want this particular discussion to stay focused, thank you very much.
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