George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

the best laid plans

Forgive the brevity of this. I am not feeling so well at the moment, and don't have the energy for a long post.

I am going to have to cancel out on the pizza crawl.

I am still in Boston as I write, and may or may not be moving on to New Haven. Boskone was a lot of fun right up until last Sunday night, when I came down with . . . well, Parris thinks it's a stomach virus, and I'm thinking it's just plain old fashioned food poisoning. I blame a bad shrimp.

Whatever the cause, I've spent the last day and a half running between my bed and the bathroom. The worst is over, I think, but I'm still pretty weak, my stomach is very tender, and I seem to have lost my sense of smell. None of which bodes well for a day of eating pizza.

I am bitterly disappointed to have to post this. As sick as I felt yesterday, I have been hoping that by today I'd be back to my old self. I have been looking forward to this pizza crawl for weeks,

My sincere apologies to anyone who gets this message too late, and shows up in New Haven to meet me. If I could be there, I would be.

I still hope to have recovered in time to make all my scheduled appearances at the New York City comicon... but just now, nothing is certain.

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