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Tomorrow's the Big Game

I'm sorry the Jets won't be playing, but hey, it's still the SuperBowl, so I'll be watching.

I kinda sorta like both of these teams, so I have no strong rooting interest. I suppose I'll be pulling for the Saints. New Orleans deserves some good news after all that Katrina and George W. Bush have put them through, the Saints have never won one before, Drew Brees seems a good guy, I liked Jonathan Vilma when he was a Jet and Jeremy Shockey when he was a Giant, and they have that whole underdog thing going for them. When in doubt, root for the underdog.

But I won't be distraught if the Colts win, as I would be if it were, say, the Cowboys or the Patriots. (If the Cowboys and the Patriots ever meet in the Superbowl, I will need to root for the earth to open and swallow both teams and the stadium). The Colts are a classy team as well, and Peyton is Eli's big brother, after all. My heart may be pulling for Nawlins, but my head says it will be Indy.

And we'll have friends over, and there will be beer, and chips and salsa, crab puffs and egg rolls and chicken wings, plus the SuperBowl commercials. Can't beat that.

Forget Independence Day. SuperBowl Sunday is America's real national holiday.
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