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ICE & FIRE role playing game

I have reached a final settlement with Guardians of Order, the Canadian games company that published the role-playing game based on A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE before going under last year.

We're now all square, and that license has officially expired. It is not the ending that I would have hoped for, but I'm glad to have concluded things amicably.

As part of our settlement, I have acquired the remaining stock of the deluxe, limited edition of the RPG worldbook, a huge and lavishly illustrated hardcover. I will be listing the book for sale on the "Signed Books" page of my website in the very near future, but I thought I'd give my Not-a-Bloggers a little advance notice.

If any of you want to snag a copy, the price is $100, which includes book rate shipping within the United States (overseas is more). This is a big and beautiful book with lots of great artwork, and tons of background material on the world of Westeros that may be of interest even to those who do not play role-playing games. And needless to say, I would be glad to sign and inscribe the book on request. You can get a look at the cover and some of the graphics by scrolling back through the Archives sections of the news page.

(Please email if you are interested, don't comment about it here).

There will be another RPG in the future. I am considering offers from several other companies right now, and expect to have a new license to announce within the next couple of months,


Mar. 7th, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)
Re: bankruptcy
I'll drink to that.

Sorry to hear you've had so much publisher trouble. GoO going under was the first major problem of that nature I experienced. It's made me very cautious about which publishers I deal with. Oddly enough, in RPG freelancing, I've had best luck (in terms of getting paid on time / at all) with the less well-established publishers -- the ones who are still in the process of turning their starting capital into unsold books. They seem keen, at that stage, to Do Things Right. It's only later, when they get jaded and more broke, that they start having to prioritize between paying the freelancer and paying the printer -- and you know which one will win out then.

Good look with finding a new home for Ice and Fire. I don't want to sound like TOO much of a creep, but I really don't like reading fantasy in general. Ice & Fire is a notable exception, along with Vance, Zelazny, Leiber, Howard & Moorcock.


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