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Odds and Ends and Snow

Another snowy day in Santa Fe. Winter has bloody well come, and refuses to leave.

Yesterday's SUICIDE KINGS signing at Barnes & Noble in Albuquerque went well, I think. We had a nice, enthusiastic crowd and signed a lot of books. Poor Vic Milan came down with some sort of creeping crud and had to cancel, but Carrie Vaughn, Caroline Spector, John Jos. Miller, Ian Tregillis, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Daniel Abraham, and yours truly were all on hand, defacing books. We signed a considerable amount of stock as well, so if you're looking for an autographed title by any of the above, contact B&N at Coronado Center.

(photos by Parris)

Speaking of Wild Cards, we have some good news for my Italian fans. I've just signed contracts for Italian language translations of the first three volumes of the series (WILD CARDS, ACES HIGH, and JOKERS WILD). The publisher will be RCS Libri. Needless to say, if these books do well, the rest of the series will follow in good tine.

On other fronts, I'm going to be coming to Minnesota in November. Fantasy Flight Games is bringing me in as a special guest for 'Days of Ice and Fire,' a weekend-long celebration of Westeros at FFG's new Events Center in Roseville, MN. FFG will be running tournaments for their Ice & Fire card game and board games, and I'll be doing a Q&A, several signing sessions, and maybe a reading from A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. More details can be found on FF's own site at http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1120 We'll know more about the schedule when we get closer to the event.

Another visit to a big midwestern city is in the works as well, and much sooner than the FFG event, but I can't talk about that one yet. Watch this space. Announcement soon.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
My money is on Gencon-Indy
If FFG would pay to have George in Minneapolis - they (and Green Ronin, et al, I suppose) would pay to have him at a much bigger event with a lot more buzz: Gencon.

Card games, board games, RPGs, miniatures and replica swords. That's a pretty good product line there for SoIaF licensees :)

And given the nature of the attendees (and number of same) I think George would see 30,000 eager fans in Indy, too.

An attendance by GRRM at Gencon would be ... impressive, to say the least. Gencon is not Worldcon in terms of its alcohol consumption, but it's a helluva fun convention, just the same.


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