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Joe Should Go

I wish I was a United States Senator, so I could introduce a bill to strip Joe Lieberman of his American citizenship.

You know, Golden Rule and all that. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. What goes around comes around.

Joe Lieberman = Al Gore's Biggest Mistake.



May. 11th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
Re: Strip people of citizenship?
I just got back from a nice walk and I wanted to just address a few of your comments, sir . . .

onefever: "Why is it so outrageous to nip a [terrorist problem] in the bud before it happens?"

How is stripping people of their citizenship if they have provided material support to foreign terrorist groups going to do anything? Tell me, what is this going to do above and beyond what our legal system is going to do (send someone away to prison for a very loooong time)? What is this going to nip in the bud and how is it a preventative measure, as you are therefore claiming?

onefever: "People dying of heat exhaustion caused by Enron is utterly ridiculous. I am amazed that we as people survived through the thousands of years without electrical power."

Look it up, people did die due to heat exhaustion during the rolling blackouts of 2000-2001 (particularly the elderly, and there are even recordings of Enron traders joking about it while it happened). We have not lived in extreme urbanized environments for thousands of years. You probably do not know this, but this was a major problem in the United States during the explosion of urbanization after the influx of southern Europeans post-1880. The government made it a priority for architects and architectural schools in the 1890s and 1900s to solve the problem. They had very limited success. Read through some of the papers in New York during heatwaves of the 1890/1900s and you will see many articles telling people in tenements to check on their elderly neighbors and to get them to areas where they might get relief.

onefever: "I encourage you to watch America: The Story of Us on the History Channel and you will see what true Americans look like. They did it for themselves and asked for nothing even when the government and even God pushed them down. But when the country needed them they stepped up."

Why were people able to pay $300 to buy their way out of the Union draft during the Civil War? Why were people with 20 or more slaves exempted from Confederate military service. Tell me, who do you think was capable of meeting those economic requirements? I am not trying to be contradictory, but records do show that people did ask for help from the government, it just was usually local government and not the Federal government.

I know you believe the United States is a meritocracy. Have you ever considered that it might, just might, not be a meritocracy? I am not a socialist, nor a communist, and I do not believe in the redistribution of wealth. But I also believe I am fully capable of using my intellect and experience to accurately assess a situation (something which allowed me to outstrip my peers in the military when it came to gaining rank and responsibility as a team leader and squad a leader; it also allowed me to perform within the top 1% of academia; and, I put this in because I can only imagine what you think, to serve to educate our young in a public high school in both World and US history).

I know this conversation has been both civil and has gone far afield, but to our original point: What will this bill accomplish, honestly, what will it do to deter or combat terrorism. Honestly, please, I am interested in your arguments (and I assure you, I will pose them faithfully and accurately to my students because I do think this is an issue of great importance).


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