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Eight Things About Me

Melinda Snodgrass has "tagged" me, she informs me. And now I must reveal eight things about myself. Presumably eight things that I haven't revealed before, or at least not widely, or else what fun would it be?

So... eight things about me that most of you would probably never suspect.

1) The first vote I ever cast was for a Republican, New Jersey's distinguished senior senator and favorite son, Clifford B. Case.

2) I had a crew cut all through junior high, high school, and most of college.

3) My favorite guilty pleasure movie is SUMMER LOVERS. I want to go to the island of Santorini and have a menage a trois with Darryl Hannah and Valerie Quinessen.

4) When I was in my twenties people used to tell me I looked like Kris Kristofferson. Now they tell me I look like Jerry Garcia. And he's dead. I don't like this trend.

5) I like writing when it's going well, but I LOVE having written.

6) My favorite song is Kris Kristofferson's "The Pilgrim, Chapter 33." (See him busted on the sidewalk in his jacket and his jeans, wearing yesterday's misfortunes like a smile). I am also very fond of "Me and Bobby McGee" and "To Beat the Devil" and "Silver" and a lot of Kris's other songs. Maybe that's why I was pleased when people said I looked like him.

7) I have never been defeated at RISK when I have the red army. Never. And I started playing RISK in grade school. Foemen tremble when I rattle my dice. Except when they make me play green or black or some other color. Then I am merely mortal.

8) Windows sucks. I use it, under protest, for the internet, but all my fiction is written on a DOS machine, using WordStar 4.0. I'm a word guy. When I want to copy something, I like to type "copy." When I want to delete it, I like to type "delete." I don't like puzzling out these stupid little cartoons they call icons, or dragging them around with a mouse. The day WordStar 4.0 stops working is the day I retire.

So there you have it. My revelations.

And now, if I understand the rules of this "game of eight" correctly, I must tag someone else, just as Melinda tagged me. Let me look around. Hmmmmm, who... ah...

STEVE LEIGH! You're tagged!


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May. 22nd, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
Victorious Blue!!!
I know about the power of a color, I play blue. Though I no longer do world conquest risk, but prefer mission risk with 5 players and take out the occupy 24 countries card!

I'll see you at InConJunction, I'm really looking forward to it. Do you know when you'll be speaking?
May. 23rd, 2007 04:06 pm (UTC)
I wrote solely with a pencil for years, feeling that typing took away from my involvement. Now I use Word, but I formated the page to have the same number of characters per line and lines per page as a standard paperback novel, so I can keep a grip on how much I've actually written. Otherwise it reads too fast -_-
May. 23rd, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)
Windows Suck..
Yeah, it does suck, but have you ever looked at Ubuntu? Ubuntu is one of the easier to use Linux distribution. It's free, contains everything you need to write (Open Office), and has a fabulously looking interface.

You should check it out!(http://www.ubuntu.com/) (Unless this is going to take some of your precious writing time away, and delay "a dance with dragons" further, then I would say to stay on your old DOS box!)

Take care,

Kiltak [GAS]
May. 23rd, 2007 10:23 pm (UTC)
Take a break from a Song of Ice and Fire?
There are very few writers that I can think of that have managed to keep up the quality of a big series. I'm sure many people on this blog will have suggestions of writers who have managed this but there aren't many. You, have managed 4 excellent books and the 5th, I think sadly was below par.
My suggestion Mr.Martin is to take a break - 3 years/ 5 years if necessary. To keep writing for such a long time at such a high level is nigh on impossible. Fans will wait. Didn't Tolkien take an age to write TLOTRs?
Do something else that you'd like to do and come back to the Song of Ice and Fire when you are fresh. YOu obviously have a lot of other interests. Why not pursue them for a while.
IMHO, you'll do yourself and your fans a disservice if you release another below-par book like Robert Jordan.
Good luck.
May. 23rd, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Take a break from a Song of Ice and Fire?
While I agree Jordan has only been releasing sub par books for some years now, I disagree Feast was sub par. Perhaps it was a little over your head like I'm sure CoK was for you. But to suggest that GRRM take a break for quality control is ridiculous and suggests you're a total idiot. Sure Feast didn't have the big 3 (Jon, Dany & Tyrion) but it was phat on plot. To suggest Feast was Jordanlike is as absurd as you are.

I assume you're one of those people who is still trying to figure out who Jon's parents are...
May. 29th, 2007 12:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Take a break from a Song of Ice and Fire?
Take a straw poll of 1000 GRRM Song of Ice & Fire readers and ask them to rank the Song of Fire & Ice series in the order that they love them.
I'll guarantee that if you survey 1000, Feast will come bottom. If you don't believe that, then you are a bigger fool than you sound.
All I was doing was making a suggestion that might make book 6 & 7 his best yet.

I stand corrected on Jordan having given up at no.7. They started to tail of then IMHO.
May. 29th, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Take a break from a Song of Ice and Fire?
I would agree that Feast would probably come out on the bottom and SoS would be a clear #1, but the point that you made was that Feast was sub par and I would completely disagree with you. You need to reread Feast because you obviously missed a lot. DWD will be fantastic due to the characters in it, so your "encouragement" isn't needed.
May. 24th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Take a break from a Song of Ice and Fire?
Jordan books are not sub-par of late. He has only changed his stile to fit what many fans asked. Which I think was totally wrong. If 25 books were necessary to tell the story in the way he wanted, then he should have written 25 books. But change stiles mid throw a series, just to fit an schedulle/promise/contract/etc was just wrong. The series changed tempo and sometimes plot. The last two books read completely different. They could have been written by two entirely different authors. Martin have always said from the beginning howm many books it would take and has even extended it to tell HIS story on HIS own way. Nobody can ask for more. He'll sure do that at his own pace and if he'll nedd a break he'll take it. Lol, he sure enjoys making us wait :). And yeah, totally agree with Sval, feast was a plot feast. Taking intrigues and interconnected plots to an entire new dimention. It would prolly had been better to wait for the other half to be finished, but he gave his reason for not doing it and they where out of his control.
May. 26th, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
When I was twenty, people thought I was a very well formed fourteen. When I was thirty I was still getting carded in bars. When I was forty, life decided to play a cruel joke on me and make me feel forty. (But thankfully, I still didn't look forty.) I'm not sure what fifty will have in store for me. I just hope I don't look like Jerry Garcia when I arrive.
Jun. 5th, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
Wow, my first vote was Republican as well. George the father. I had this belief that being a Republican would be a lottery ticket to richness. I suspect half of all who vote Republican do so for some similar belief.
Jun. 8th, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)
I got your Wordstar...
GRRM: The day WordStar 4.0 stops working is the day I retire.

You can never retire, muahahahaha. You got me hooked on this Ice & Fire drug, now you are responsible for scoring more for me. If Wordstar breaks let me know. I will whip out my C++ compiler and crank out Wordstar 4.1 post haste. You will get no quarter from the development community :-)

Aug. 11th, 2007 01:41 pm (UTC)
It's a meme! XD You're a "real" person now, according to the Unwritten Laws of LJ.

You know, I don't know what Jerry Garcia looks like, but I can actually still kinda see a bit of Kristofferson in you...but mostly you just look like you. Saying any person looks like another has always been a pointless, shallow exercise in futility...unless you're talking about identical twins, lol.

I love how you wrote number seven.
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