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Dancing in Circles?

((Some of what follows may be vaguely spoilerish. Don't read if you hate spoilers).

A DANCE WITH DRAGONS just got a little shorter.

What's happened is, I've decided to move two completed chapters, from Arianne's POV, out of the present volume and into THE WINDS OF WINTER. This is something I've gone back and forth on. Arianne wasn't originally supposed to have any viewpoint chapters in DANCE at all, but there's this... hmmm, how vague do I want be? VERY vague, I think... there's this event that would of necessity provoke a Dornish reaction. The event was originally going to occur near the end of the book, but in one of my forty-seven restructures I moved it to the late middle instead. And the timeline then required that the Dornish reaction happen in this book and not the next one, so I wrote the two Arianne chapters and was going to write a third... and a chapter from another POV that would be a necessary complement to them, and...

But no, I've restructured again, and put the original precipitating event back close to the end of the book. Which means the Arianne chapters can be returned to WINDS, where I had 'em originally. It also means that I don't have to write that third Arianne chapter and the complementary chapter from the other POV... not yet, anyway... which moves DANCE two chapters closer to completion. (The move did mean I had to revise two chapters from another POV, which took place after the event in last week's draft, but now take place before said event, but fortunately that was just a matter of tweaking a couple of lines).

I suppose this is a good news/ bad news situation.

Bad news for those who want DANCE to be really, really, really long, as long as STORMS OF SWORDS or longer. This move makes DANCE four chapters (two written, one partly written, one entirely unwritten) shorter.

But it's good news for DANCE, since I'm now two chapters (the ones I hadn't finished) closer to completion. And hey, it's even good news for WINDS OF WINTER, since I now have four chapters done for that one (an Arya, a Sansa, and two Ariannes).

This, of course, is assuming that I don't change my mind again tomorrow and put everything back the way it was last week.

I am dancing, boys and girls, I'm dancing as fast as I can. But some days it does feel as if I am dancing in circles.


Jun. 27th, 2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
That's Meereenes knot. Dorne is simple by comparison.
Jun. 28th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
Oh that's right, my bad.
Jun. 28th, 2010 05:10 pm (UTC)
So did you overcome said knot? Has 'The Knot' been put rightly in its place...or is it still there, laughing and taunting you?
Jun. 29th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
knots inquiry
im guessing this might not make it through, and i guess that could but likely not be an answer. Has the meereenes knots nature ever been acknowledged. i mean the book may shed further light upon it and you might well further explain it later. I mean i last summer (wow how much has come to pass) and anymore check this often enough to read all the new comments on each post but have always simply presumed the knot was largely how learn to become a good ruler and especially turn a hostile city without the 5 year gap i believe disappeared. the treating with others wanting her hand to their cause too though that seems less so... i mean while that alone doesnt really give much away i presume acknowledging it would be avoided simply because it would prompt a couple hundred emails containing solutions that you dont want (i think i thought of one once, by the way) but unless there was a magic horn in Valyria that bends people to you i always presumed that would at least need hammered out... also ill inquire about a map... one with asshai, the shadow, tall tree town, sothoryos, the free cities, and im sure you get the point without the list going on. i know there is one i think is fan made online and i get why you might not want to make one but it has for stretches driven me a bit batty as i try to speculate size and time and rush online to look for a reference (a habit that i realize isnt the best for reading your books... i had read too much about them prior and during). i mean im sure you may well have one for the sake of your timeline and not need it picked through and analyzed by means you had never dreamed of... but once again i babble inanely. also i guess it might only further add to the desire by some fans to write fan fiction. i guess its just me being crazy while waiting and not quite understanding the concept of a map that ends... specifically up in the lands of always winter where the map ends over land. you'd think how freaking cold it is there it'd be the most understandable place to not have a map of but alas ive grown up in the age of satellites and now have google earth so i only need be frustrated by outer space, deep forests, ocean and people depths. this is a case where i need to just shrug it off and enjoy the mystery, no?

Jun. 29th, 2010 11:58 am (UTC)
Re: knots inquiry
I think George has said that going into specific details on the knot would involve heavy spoilers. Some readers have taken that to mean that the Knot is a big, game-changing event on the scale and importance of the Battle of the Blackwater or the Red Wedding, obviously relating to Daenerys' storyline as she is in Meereen.


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