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The Long Wait Is Over!!!

No, no, not THAT long wait, sorry...

The somewhat shorter long wait was the one I meant.

The sixth and final issue of THE HARD CALL, our Wild Cards miniseries, is now on sale at your favoirte local comic book shop. Go out and snatch up your copy! Better yet, snatch up ten!!!

Scripted by Daniel Abraham (author of THE LONG PRICE QUARTET and the forthcoming fantasy epic THE DAGGER AND THE COIN, and creator of Jonathan Hive), with art by Eric Battle, THE HARD CALL is an original tale of the Wild Cards universe, not an adaptation of a story from the books. The first five issues of the comic were published by DBPro, but with number six, Dynamite steps in to wrap up the tale.

And for that other long wait... I'm working on it, I'm working on it.
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