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Memories of Semana Negra

Just stumbled across these on YouTube, and thought some of you whackaroonies might get a hoot out of them.

Here's me having entirely too much fun at Semana Negra two years ago:

And here's me still having fun at Semana Negra, and doing a panel with Scott Bakker and Paco Taibo II:

Semana Negra -- for those who don't know -- is an annual "literary conference meets a state fair" held in Gijon, a colorful seaside city in the north of Spain. Writers come from all over the world to talk about their books. Readers come from all over Spain to meet them and get those books signed. And thousands and thousands of other Spaniards come to ride the ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl, drink the sangria, dine at midnight, play the games of chance, and party all night. I've been to two, and loved them both. Nothing like it!

(And believe it or not, Gijon also sports a world-class pizza place, called Vesuvius).
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