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Cersei Conquers Gencon

Gencon, the big summer gaming convention, has come and gone in Indianapolis. I was not there myself, but Jim from Dark Sword has forwarded me some amazing pictures of Cersei from the painting competitions, and I couldn't resist the urge to share them.

The figure, of course, is from Dark Sword Miniatures. You can get your very own copy, and lots of other Ice & Fire figures besides, from their website at

The sculpt is from the incomparable Tom Meier. You can see a lot more of Tom's sculpts, and his own range of figures, at his Thunderbolt Mountain site:

The painting is by the amazing Marike Reimer, of Destroyer Minis. Check out some of her other paint jobs at

Her Cersei was the queen of the Gencon painting competition this year, winning 1st place in GenCon overall single mini, Dark Sword single mini, Ice & Fire range 1st overall, and Dark Sword Best in Show.

All, in my opinion, well deserved.
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