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G-Men Rule

Life is magical and full of joy!

The Gints opened their 2010 season by kicking some Panther ass, and I got up at three in the morning (Aussie time) to watch it all on Parris's latop, courtesy of DirecTV and NFL Season Ticket.

(I will NOT be be able to do the same with tonight's Jets game, so no talk about that here).

Not a perfect or dominating performance by any means but a convincing victory all the same. The G-Men looked especially good in the second half when their running game finally started to generate some yards. The defense bent a lot in the first half, allowing Carolina to drive deep, but never broke, holding the Panthers to field goals instead of touchdowns. In the second half the D really started to look good.

Sill, a lot of areas to work on. The special teams looked awful. This new punter is no Jeff Feagles, and unless he improves, that could be a real problem. And the WRs dropped way too many balls, letting them bounce off their hands to Panther defenders. None of the Giant INTs were actaully Eli's fault... unlike the Panther INTs, which were all due to bad decisions by their QB.

But hey, it's win. I'll take it.

The first of many Big Blue victories at the new stadium, I hope.

And I had a great signing at Galaxy in Sydney as well.
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