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Ice & Fire miniatures

I know a lot of my fans were disappointed when Testor's plans to produce various ranges of ICE & FIRE miniatures and collectibles came to... well, very little. Testor's managed to release only one set in two years, and had major breakage problems trying to ship it. Many other figures were designed, sculpted, even cast, but never released. We all had great intentions, but for various complex reasons things just did not work out.

I am hoping that the second time will prove the charm. I've got a new deal in place, this time with DARK SWORD MINIATURES, who will be showing the first batch of figures at GenCon. Dark Sword is a much smaller outfit than Testor's... but that's good, I think. It means this new range of figures is very important to the company. At Testor's, the project almost seemed like an afterthought, and often got forgotten.

I won't natter about the miniatures here, however. Check out the story on my news page for more details, and follow to link to Dark Sword's own website to see pictures of the first set of minis.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the miniatures, Tom Meier, Dark Sword, what characters you'd like to see next, etc. Feel free to comment.

I am, however, getting bloody sick of all the off-topic comments, and the trolls who use any LJ post of mine, regardless of subject, as another excuse to slam me about DANCE being late. I can't stop you from posting such comments, of course... but I can and will remove 'em, and ban the posters. LJ makes that pretty easy, I'm glad to say. And life is too short to deal with trolls.


Aug. 17th, 2007 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: Defending Robert
The fabric of the story falls apart so to speak. Personally I loved the first 4 books....after that...well You'll have to judge for yourself. It gets a little bloated and he loses sight of the real story somewhere. I tend to think that his staedy income from the popularity promted him to milk the story for all its worth. He has the talent and gift to write excellent books and he could ahve wrapped it up long ago. Instead it goes on and on and on like the wheel of time.


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