George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Odds and Ends and Updates

The release of the British edition of HUNTER'S RUN is imminent. Daniel, Gardner, and I have all received our author's copies, some blog reviews have been popping up here and there, and there's a long three-way interview with us just posted on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, at Check it out. We talk about a few other projects besides HUNTER'S RUN, and there's some news there that might interest Dunk & Egg fans.

An American edition of HUNTER'S RUN is scheduled for January, and a deluxe, illustrated edition signed by the three of us will be offered by Subterranean Press... but for those who can't wait, you can order the UK hardcover from Amazon.UK or any other online British bookshop.

The new Wild Cards book, INSIDE STRAIGHT, is also scheduled for January. One of our new Wild Card writers, Carrie Vaughn, will be attending DragonCon next weekend, so if you're also going to be in Atlanta and can tear yourself away from the Bettie Page lookalike contest for a few moments, be sure to corner Carrie and ask her about Curveball and Earth Witch. Check out one of her "Kitty" books as well, they're a lot of fun, as is Carrie.

Parris saw an orthopod about her knee. Torn miniscus, he says. She's probably going to need surgery, though she's going to get a second opinion before getting scoped. And thank god for the NFL, and all that sports medicine has taught us about knees.

Speaking of the NFL, the Jets played the Giants in their annual preseason match-up this weekend. Pretty good name; no one got hurt. Eli looked good, Chad not so much. Giants defense looked better than anticipated, but I am worried about the O-line on the Jets. Getting rid of Pete Kendall might not have been such a great idea. I watched the new Jets fullback, Darien Barnes, with special interest, since a couple of months ago I got an email from him. He said he was a fan of my books... and also an aspiring fantasy and comic book writer himself. (When he's not opening holes for the Jets running backs). Of course, the internet being what it is, maybe it wasn't really him at all, just someone pretending to be him. Lots of people pose as sports stars, after all. It would be cool if the letter was legit, though...

The announcers always go on about how the Jets and Giants annual preseason game is for "bragging rights." Which gave me an idea. Gang Green and the G-Men are building a brand new state of the art stadium in the Meadowlands, which they will share. So I propose that in future, the winner of the annual preseason match-up should get to name the stadium for the season that follows. Giants Stadium one year, Jets Stadium the next, and so on. Talk about bragging rights. That would add some real spice to the games.

(Of course, given the corrupt nature of the age we live in, the stadium will probably be named Chase Manhattan Field or something similar, but one can dream)

Oh, and Jim of Dark Sword tells me that so many of you guys visited his website to check out the new Ice & Fire miniatures that he exceeded his monthly traffic allowance for the first time ever, and got shut down by his ISP. He has now upgraded to unlimited usage. The response at GenCon was also very enthusiastic, I'm told. Keep it up!
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