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Albuqerque Signing

The Wild Cards gang -- the New Mexico chapter, anyway -- will be gathering tomorrow at Page One Bookstore in Albuquerque to sign copies of the new Tor reissue of WILD CARDS, volume one, the book that started it all (with Extra! Added! Content!!). I'll be on hand, natch, along with Melinda M. Snodgrass, John Jos. Miller, Victor Milan, Walter Jon Williams, Ian Tregillis, and Daniel Abraham. Seven signatures, one stop!

WILD CARDS will be the featured volume, but copies of INSIDE STRAIGHT, BUSTED FLUSH, and SUICIDE KINGS will also be on hand, and available for autographing.

So will a whole bunch of my other recent releases, including

-- the new Tor edition of SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH

-- the hardcover of SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH

Books by Melinda Snodgrass, Daniel Abraham, M.L.N. Hanover, Victor Milan, Walter Jon Willianms, and Ian Tregillis will also be available. So will ACES & JOKERS, the latest game supplement from Green Ronin, by Steve Kenyon and our own John Jos. Miller.

Page One is at 11018 Montgomery NE in Albuquerque. Check out their website at

If you cannot make the signing in the flesh, it is still possible to order a signed book or three by phone, mail, or email. The Page One staff will be glad to take your order, set the book aside, have it signed, and ship it to you. Call their toll free number at 1-800-521-4122 or email the service department at

Signed books make great Christmas presents... so if you're anywhere near Page One tomorrow, stop on by. The signing begins at 3:30 in the afternoon. See you there!
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