July 9th, 2006



New Mexico needs rain. I know, I know. New Mexico almost always needs rain. So much so that Parris has taught the children of her Irish friends to chant, "Rain, rain go away, go and rain on Santa Fe." This is a dry state at the best of times, and the last few years we have been in the middle of a long drought. Not much snow in winter, not much snowmelt in spring, raging wildfires during the long, hot, dry summer. So rain is much to be desired.

But did we have to get so much of it just now?

It has been raining for a week and a half now. Sometimes steadily for hours, sometimes fiercely in a sudden deluge. Most days, and always at night. Which would be fine, except that I am plunk in the middle of major home renovations, including adding on a new, pitched roof to replace my old flat tar-and-gravel "pueblo style" roof. So they took the old roof off and carried it away, but they haven't put the new one on yet. I have tarps on top of my home, and we've had wind as well as rain, so they are doing a lot of flapping. Water is coming in. And the contractor says he can't put the new roof on until the rain stops.

That's at the house I live in (usually). At the moment Parris and I are living across the street in the house that is (usually) my office. That one has a roof, but it's a flat Santa Fe style roof, and so of course it's leaking.


All you kids in Ireland, STOP THAT DAMNED CHANTING!!!