March 30th, 2007


Spring in Santa Fe

Ah, spring in Santa Fe... what could be more beautiful... the skies are blue, the days are warm, everything in blooming... especially the damn juniper, which is why my eyes are red and itchy, my nose is stuffed up, and I keep sneezing. Of course, I can just pop a benadryl, and alleviate all my symptoms. That is, if I don't mind turning into a zombie and sleeping away most of the day.

Which I can't afford to do, because this is my favorite time of year for another reason as well. Yes, boys and girls, it's TAX TIME! No, of course, I don't do my own taxes. I have a wonderful accountant who does them for me, which is a good thing, because my return looks like the Manhattan telephone directory these days. Of course, it still takes me a week bent over little bits of paper to get all my records organized enough to give to my accountant. Every year I swear I'm going to try and keep everything better organized and current, so that tax time is not such a bloody headache... and every year I don't.

As a good liberal, I don't actually object to paying taxes (although I would rather they spent more of my money on schools and health care and the space program, and less on bombs and tanks and Halliburton)... but I hate having to deal with all the record keeping. Sometimes the tide of little bits of paper threatens to submerge me entirely. I do find myself envying the folks who get a refund... but not nearly as much as I envy the ones who can still use the short form of blessed memory.

Oh, well. This too will pass, the same way it does every year. And the pollen count will go back down again... until the chamisa starts to bloom, at least.