September 23rd, 2007


The Sweet Taste of Victory

Life is magical and full of joy.

There's nothing better than a Sunday on which both of my NFL teams win. (Well, okay, I take that back. There are a few things that are better. Finishing a book, winning a Hugo, kissing a hot babe, a new book by one of my favorite writers, a great pizza pie. Having both the Jets and Giants win is still pretty high up there, though).

Today's games were both pretty exciting. In the morning game, the Jets had a commanding 31-13 lead and the game was well in hand. Then they decided to go into the infamous "prevent defense," which, as every football fan knows, usually just prevents you from winning. The Dolphins came storming back and almost pulled it out, and the Jets had to recover a last moment onsides kick to hold onto the victory. They did, though. Phew.

The Giants game was even sweeter. The Redskins were leading them 17-3 at the half, and the G-Men looked thoroughly beaten. Plaxico Burress was playing as if he'd coated his hands in oleomargarine before sprinting onto the field. The second half was a different story, however. This time it was the Giants who came storming back. Plax was suddenly catching everything in sight, and the Giant defense woke up for the first time this season. It came down to the final seconds. The Skins had first and goal on the Giants one-yard line , but the defense kept 'em out of the end zone and the G-Men collected their first victory of the season.

A pizza, a Hugo, and a few hundred kisses would make this a perfect day.