January 27th, 2008


Another Month Rushes By

February is almost upon us. Damn. Where does the time go?

Time for more odds and ends...

There's a new interview up online about HUNTER'S RUN. Jeff Vandermeer questioned me, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham about the project. You can check it out at


HUNTER'S RUN and INSIDE STRAIGHT are both on sale at your favorite local bookstore, by the way, so run down and snatch up some copies... if you haven't done so already. No, they're not A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, but I think they're fun on their own terms.

It's been a busy few weeks for DANCE. I have been working on a Dany chapter and a Bran chapter. (The Bran chapters remain incredibly hard to write, for what it's worth, and this one is no different). For a change of pace, I have also been working on the third Dunk & Egg, "The Mystery Knight," which will eventually be a part of WARRIORS.

Oh, and the Giants are going to the SuperBowl. What, I mentioned that? Are you sure?

Speaking of WARRIORS, some of our writers have already delivered. We have SF stories from Joe Haldeman and Robert Silverberg on hand, and a terrific Viking saga by Cecilia Holland. (Anyone who likes good historical fiction should check out Holland's novels, she's produced a great body of work).

Bobby Fischer died. Fischer was always a little nuts, but during the past few decades his amusing eccentricities bloomed into full-blown lunacy, and he became a crazed delusional hatemonger. I suppose that just goes to show how close the line is between genius and madness. (The parallels between Fischer and the other great American chess champion, Paul Morphy, are oddly spooky. Morphy was a meteor as well, and also went nuts by the end). His personal tragedy aside, however, Fischer may well have been the greatest chessplayer who ever lived, and his great games will long be played, replayed, and studied. Like books, they are works of art, and like books they will outlive him. While I never met Fischer, he had a major impact on my own life too... but that's a story for another day.

The Dark Sword miniatures have been selling up a storm, by the way, and we will soon be starting work on the second set. Ten figures, as before: six named characters, and four more generic "troop types." Only this time we're going to let my readers vote on which characters they'd like to see Tom Meier bring to life. Watch this space for more details. And if you haven't grabbed the first set yet, it's not too late. Order off the Dark Sword website at