February 4th, 2008


Wild Weekend

It's late, and I'm worn out from our Superbowl party, and watching endless postgame interviews and commentary, so this post will be short. Tomorrow I'll be back and post some more thoughts about the miracle we just witnessed in Arizona.

All I want to say right now is that LIFE IS MAGICAL AND FULL OF JOY!!!

The Giants did it. My god, what a game. My heart stopped a half dozen times. Incredible victory. Incredible upset. And that one play... Eli escaping from half the Patriots team and firing that pass to David Tyree... the catch he made.. that one is going down in NFL history along with The Catch, the Holy Roller, the Immaculate Reception, the Music City Miracle, and the other immortal moments...

I'm exhausted, but very happy.


(And hey, our Inside Straight launch party was a huge success as well. So it was a Wild Cards weekend all around. More on all of that tomorrow._