March 13th, 2008


Football Natterings

The Giants have just signed David Carr to back up Eli at QB. It's a one-year one-mil contract, so the risk is not great, but I'm not thrilled. Carr is a former #1 overall draft pick, just like Eli was a couple of years later, but Carr had the misfortune to be drafted by the Texans, where he played human pinata for five years. He's been sacked way more than any other QB in the NFL over the same time span, and I fear may have had his potential knocked out of him. If Eli goes down, I'd much rather see Jared Lorenzen coming in behind center. The Hefty Lefty has a bigger arm than Carr, and much more upside.

Oh, well. Maybe Eli will prove to be as indestructible as his brother Peyton. Knock wood.

Meanwhile, the Jets have gone on a MAJOR free agent shopping spree. Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins, Damian Woody, Calvin Pace, Tony Richardson. Maybe Ty Law too, we'll see. Some of the new additions are older than I'd like, but still, Mangini's boys should be considerably better next year... and unlike some, I still trust in Chad as our QB. With a solid offensive line protecting him, he can be very effective, "weak arm" or no.