March 17th, 2008


Comicon Giveaways

Here's the cover of the first issue of Bantam's new promotional magazine, SpectraPULSE, which will be given away free to attendees at the New York City Comicon in April and the San Diego Comicon this summer. Just swing by the Bantam Spectra booth for your copy,

The issue will include a new, never-before-seen chapter from A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. (Only slightly abridged). For more details, see my news page.

And no, alas, SpectraPULSE will not be on sale at your local bookstore or newsstand. Though I imagine that copies will be turning up on ebay at inflated ripoff prices. (Remember, this magazine is being given away FREE, so whatever the seller gets on ebay is pure profit).
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DANCE Gets Covered

Okay, I may not have a book yet, but I have covers.

Here are the American and British covers for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS.

If I can deliver the book before the end of June, you'll see these in your favorite bookstore sometime this fall.

If I can't, well... you'll still see them eventually, I hope.