June 9th, 2008


Parris Off to Ireland

Parris is off to Ireland once again, and once again she's having trouble.

Her flight was supposed to leave Albuquerque for Chicago at 1:15, but at last report was still sitting on the runway, with all the passengers aboard. The reason given was bad weather in Chicago. If and when she takes off, she may or may not make her Dublin connection at O'Hare. The key there is whether ALL the flights are being delayed, or just some. She had two hours to make that connection, but of course the delays have eaten up that cushion.

I know some of her Irish friends read this LJ. I'll let you know the latest when I hear from her... but be advised, she may not be showing up on schedule.

Meanwhile, I'm still here, still holding down the fort, working on DANCE, on Vance, on WARRIORS, on WILD CARDS.
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