September 19th, 2008



There's a new anthology just out with an old story of mine. It's called THE LIVING DEAD, and it includes "Meathouse Man." Just thought I'd mention it for all you necrophiliacs out there.

If you've previously purchased DREAMSONGS or GRRM: A RRETROSPECTIVE (which are the same book), you've already read "Meathouse Man." If you haven't, well... I probably ought to warn you that it's the darkest, nastiest, most despairing story that I ever wrote.

Lots of classic zombie stories in the book, though. For more info, check it out at:

A Gentle Reminder

Please stay on topic.

This is my Live Journal. My "Not-A-Blog." My virtual living room, my home on the web, the place where I come to talk with distant friends. Sometimes it's my soapbox, where I can rant about things that are annoying me, put forth my political views, burble about a movie I've seen, a book I've read, talk about NFL football, report on my travels, show off the latest addition to my collection of 54mm toy knights and medieval miniatures.

It's lots of things, but mostly it's MINE.

Sometimes I invite comments, sometimes I don't. When I do open a post for comments, it's because I want comments on the subject that I just posted about. In other words, if I open comments after a football post, it's because I want to talk about football with other NFL fans. If I post about, say, SFWA, as I did last year, and leave comments open, that's because I want to read responses to what I said, and hear other views of SFWA's latest controversy.

There's been far too much off-topic commentary of late, however.

I am perfectly aware that A DANCE WITH DRAGONS is late. There's no need to remind me, thanks, I have plenty of editors and agents and publishers to do that.

So please, if you want to comment here, stay on topic.

And if you want to comment on other matters... including, but not limited to, the lateness of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, that's fine, just go do it on your own blogs. I don't allow Anonymous comments, so everyone posting here has their own Live Journal account, and presumably their own blog. Tell you what, you talk about whatever you like on your blogs, and I'll talk about whatever I want on mine.

Yes, I'm a big believer in free speech. Everyone is entitled to a soapbox. But that doesn't mean you're all entitled to use MY soapbox.

And no, I'm not opening THIS post for comment. This stuff is not open for debate. You guys can make the rules for your own blogs; these are the rules here.