October 20th, 2008


Any Given Sunday

Another week in the NFL. The Giants won an ugly one over the Niners, and the Jets lost an uglier one to the Raiders. I have to admit, both games frustrated the hell out of me.

The Giants defense showed up again, after having taken off the Cleveland game. Six sacks, lots of pressure on the quarterback, three turnovers, even a safety. That was the good news. The offense left much to be desired, however. The G-Men are now 5-1, but the creampuff portion of their schedule is over. Next week they face another 5-1 team in the Pittsburgh Steelers, and we'll get the first true indication of how good they are.

As for the Jets... sigh...

The whole team played like crap in Oakland, but I have to blame the coaching for this loss. After Brett Favre passes them down the field with a minute left to set up the field goal that sent the game into overtime, the Jets win the coin toss... and Mangini and Little Schott turn more conservative than Rush Limbaugh. Run on first down, run on second down, throw on third and long. Not once, but on all of our overtime possessions. The Raider defense was gassed and demoralized by the end of regulation; if the Jets had come out in overtime and continued with the same wide-open passing attack that had tied the game, I'm convinced they would have claimed the victory.

Sad to say, the Jets are not playing like a playoff contender at this point.
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McCarthy in a Skirt

Some of you may have seen the mind-boggling and horrifying HARDBALL interview with the Minnesota congresswoman who wants her fellow members of Congress investigated for anti-Americanism.

Her comments provoked such a storm of national outrage that her opponent immediately received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions, from all over the country.

And I'm pleased to see that Colin Powell shared the outrage.

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