November 10th, 2008


Double Your Pleasure

Life is magical and full of joy.

Great wins today by both the Jets and Giants, though the two games could not have been more different. Gang Green absolutely destroyed the Rams, leading 40-0 at the half, and coasting to an easy 47-3 victory. This year's incarnation of the Rams look truly pathetic, true, but in the years past the Jets have shown a tendency to play down to the level of their opponents and lose such games. Years past? No, make that weeks past. The loss to Oakland just a few weeks back still rankles. Anyway, it did not happen this week, and the Jets look primed and ready for Thursday's big showdown with the Patriots for first place in the AFC East.

The Giants game was a whole different animal. Their annual contests with the Eagles are always hard-fought, and this was no exception. The G-Men dominated yardage and time of possession with their monstrous three-headed running game, but somehow they could never quite put the Iggles away, so the decision came down to the final two minutes of the fourth. It was a sloppy game, marked by lots of turnovers (I love Brandon Jacobs, but I hope Coughlin tells him to stop trying to jump over tacklers. He does much better when he just plows into them), but a damned exciting one. My heart was in my throat as time ran down, until the Giants defense stuffed Westbrook on those two final runs, and settled the matter. Replay challenges played a huge role in the outcome as well -- one crucial one by Coughlin, which he won, and two foolish ones by Andy Reid, both of which he lost.

A win is a win, though, and the Giants now sit at 8-1, with a commanding lead in the NFC East. Their schedule only gets harder from here, though. Next week it's the Ravens with that brutal defense of theirs. Should be another great game, for those who like D.
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