November 22nd, 2008


More Miniatures

So many things I'd meant to post about, so little time in every day.

This one is for the painters, the would-be painters, and the miniature collectors out there. A few more examples of the wonderful figures that Dark Sword Miniatures are putting out, and the incredible things that talented painters can do with 'em.

First, four versions of the queen you love to hate, the one and only Cersei Lannister.

The first is by Marike Reimer, of Destroyer Minis. A classic in Lannister crimson.

Next we have Cersei in mourning dress (she does a lot of mourning, though black is not her
favorite color). This one is from Viking Lodge Studios, where Linus Svensson wields the brush.

Third up is Matt Verzani's seductive Cersei in see-through silk, no doubt slinking through the halls to seduce her latest catspaw.

And our last lady comes from New Zealand, painted by Rachel Borthwick of Iron Halo Studios.

I'd love to hear which version is your favorite. Myself, I love all four of them... and for those of you who are no more talented with a paint brush than I am, be advised that all four of these painters take commissions. (But be warned, none of 'em are cheap).

Or you can order your own Cersei straight from Dark Sword, and paint her as you like.

To close with something different, some more of the women of Westeros -- a wildling spearwife by Matt Verzani, and a court lady painted by Marike Reimer.

Comments are welcome... about the miniatures. Stay on topic, please.