September 27th, 2010


Digging Out

Crawling slowly back to health... and sentience...

The two Giants games I watched yesterday did not help. Gak. Gak. Life is meaningless and filled with pain. The Manning Bowl was a horror, and the Titans game, if anything, was worse. I have never seen a team shoot themselves in the foot so much. They should have won the game by 30 points, the way the offense was moving, but mistakes and bone-headed penalties did them in. I can't believe my beloved G-Men are leading the league in turnovers. Tom Coughlin needs to bring out the chainsaw and rip a few new ones...

Haven't watched the Jets/ Dolphins yet. I'll get to that tonight, and then I will be caught up... at least on football.

Today, meanwhile, I have to take an axe and start hacking at the mountain of stuff that has accumulated while I was gone. All of which seems to be marked URGENT. sigh
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