March 13th, 2011


Meet the Starks

Here's the latest video treat from HBO: an introduction to the Starks of Winterfell.

Some great footage of the kids in this one. And the first glimpses of Robb, Varys, and a few of other stalwarts. Cool stuff.

(Though I do feel the need to mention that the part where I'm saying how direwolves existed in the real world was originally followed by me saying that MY direwolves are much bigger than the actual prehistoric ones. Just don't want anyone to go away thinking I believed actual real world direwolves were as large as ponies. Everything's bigger in fantasy).

Anyway, hope you all enjoy seeing this as much as me.

Closer and closer...

And Still More!

And here's yet another trailer that premiered on HBO tonight.

It's called "Fear and Blood."

Lovely glimpse of the late Margaret John as Old Nan. She will be missed as the show goes forward.