May 15th, 2011


From Spain

I've received a nice email from Canal+, who are airing GAME OF THRONES in Spain.

They write:

"... We aired yesterday the first episode of Game of Thrones.

It was a great success, it was one of the best series première for us.

We have prepared online material to support the series.

Here, you can find an interactive map of Westeros and the Free Cities:

It will show the changes in the location of the characters with each episode.

Here, you can find a game called Grito de Guerra (in English it would be War Call) The main theme of the game is to be a major Lord, and you have a Maester on your service. Just after each episode, a new challenge appears on the web - the Lord has to direct his Maester to success in the challenge. Also, participants fight each other and follow the developments of the game, as well as create new rules on Twitter, @gritoguerra.

You can see it here: "


I hope my Spanish fans are enjoying the show, and it's great to see all that Canal + is doing to support the series over there.

And as long as I'm talking about Spain, this is as good a time as any to mention that Parris and I will be heading back over to Gijon in 2012, for what will doubtless be another wonderful Semana Negra.